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About Vero Vicenza

Vero Vicenza was founded over thirty years ago by Alex Morgan. It was built upon a bedrock of five generations of jewelry importers. Motivated by at true love for fine silver jewelry and the high quality of Italian craftsmanship, Vero Vicenza strives to locate and bring back to the U.S. only the most stylish and finely produced pieces. We attend the jewelry shows in Vicenza every year and personally select each item. All of our jewelry is made of the highest quality 925 sterling silver. Each piece is handmade and hand polished.

The Jewelry

Imported from Vicenza Italy

We attend the shows in Vicenza and select only the most stylish and finely crafted pieces

925 Sterling Silver

All of our pieces are made from the highest quality and purest silver 

Handcrafted and hand polished

Our pieces are crafted and polished by hand by artisans who've spent generations in the business

About Our Jewelry

At Vero Vicenza we import the highest quality and most beautiful, Italian sterling silver jewelry available. All of our pieces are handmade in Vicenza, Italy. Our pieces cover a variety of styles and range in price. All are crafted from 925 sterling silver. Each exquisite piece is a celebration of the style, taste and the exceptional quality Italy is know for. 

Jewelry Gallery

Rhodium plated, 925 sterling silver bracelets.

Classic white, 925 sterling silver necklace

925 sterling silver rings with semi-precious stone accents

Rhodium plated, 925 sterling silver earrings

White sapphire encrusted, white, 925 sterling silver ring

Rhodium plated, 925 sterling silver necklace

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